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Over 40 years ago, God placed a vision in my heart to form a professional orchestra that focuses on sacred music - old, new, and yet to be conceived, including classical music.  My masters thesis investigates the biblical history of music, highlighting the lives of classical music composers who dedicated some or all of their music to God.  After extensive research, a connection between heaven and earth became obvious.  When music is dedicated to The Creator, unlimited power is unleashed that can heal - body, mind, and spirit.  Jim Edwards, conductor/violinist/violist

Call for Professional Musicians

If you are a professional or semi-professional level string player or keyboardist interested in using your instrument to unashamedly share the healing power of God and perform with like-minded musicians, then this is the opportunity you've been looking for.  This is not a volunteer group.  All musicians are paid on a per-service bases.  For audition information such as required repertoire, etc., please fill out the form in the Contact section, making sure to include your principal instrument and a brief statement about your most significant experience. 

For More Inquiry, 

Please Contact us On This Number

(757) 618-7786

Tell us more.....tell us more!

Since the outset of Covid, we scaled back our website but have plans to build a better and bigger site that shares more about our mission, goals, and ministry schedule.  As in-person interactions increase, we will add more information to this site and you can always contact us with questions, comments, and personal stories you may want to share.

Jessica and Jim Edwards have combined Christian music experience of several decades and decided to embark on a mission to provide musical experiences that focus on the way we believe God intended music to be used - for healing and praise to the Creator.  Please join us in praying for continued guidance from The Father as we move forward with this very unique ministry.

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